Storyboard thumbnails for a short film project entitled "Harvest"


Fried And True

A few years ago, a good friend of mine decided to become an entrepreneur and open up a food trailer. Fried and True was an ode to old fashioned, fried comfort food. I was lucky enough to help them create their signage and branding and work with another artist to try and make their vision come true. Unfortunately the trailer was not stable enough to allow roof signage like we wanted, but the trailer was nevertheless a success.

A lot of the conceptual sketches used for designs in House of Torment were left behind in the frenzy of production, but I've been able to find a few early sketches, and some photos of the direction the concepts ultimately ended up going.


Unused Character Concept


While designing the experiences at House of Torment, I would doodle ideas to run by the team; This parking-lot zombie concept shows the fate of a summer job gone awry.